It's all in how we do it.

Transforming knowledge
into creative potential.

HOUSE integrates architecture and construction into one functional practice. If you can control the process from concept to completion you will get exactly what you want. As a collaborative partner, we draw inspiration and cultivate ideas from our client’s aspirations. In pursuit of our passion for function, design, and environmental harmony, our clients receive a home that delivers on all they have wished for. A house that they are connected to, have dreamt of and can fall in love with.

Our work spans over 30 years in design and construction of both residential and commercial properties. The knowledge and experience we have gained over these years are the backbone of our practice. We believe what differentiates us from other firms is our holistic approach to strategy, project management, and client-centric attention to detail. 

We are up to the challenges of any complexity and scale of project from new construction, to remodeling and the re-envision of existing structures. We are passionate about creating unique custom designs that satisfy the needs and desires of our clients.


This is what we do.


Our consultants provide insight, evaluation, design, budget, and planning services to meet the needs of our clients.

Design & Planning

Our team provides a comprehensive look at the layout, organization, and aesthetics of your new property.


Whether new construction or renovation, the HOUSE team will guide the process of development from concept to completion.


When the design concepts have been decided, the architect prepares working drawings and specifications.


Renovations can be subtle, improving on an existing property. Renovation often involves replacing or restoring.


Describes a particular treatment approach and philosophy within the field of architectural conservation

We are passionate about the work we do for our clients


HOUSE is always looking for new ways to innovate and evolve our skills to offer the best design and construction experience. We focus on the collaboration with our clients within the creative process right up to the day you move in.  It’s our Adaptability and the willingness to manage the changes while the project is underway that make it possible to build exactly what our clients desire. The unique quality of our builds is evident in the relationships we build with our clients and our dedication to our craft. We feel by connecting with our clients we help to create stability, excitement, and the foundation of a better project.



Because we handle everything from concept to strategy, to design, and all the way through construction, HOUSE is able to manage every step of the development. This means that the production timeline, permits, the inspections, subcontractors, vendors, and the budget are all controlled by one team. That is why when we say it will be done right and on time we can back it up.


They love us.

I strongly recommend Doug and the team at HOUSE to anyone who wants to see the realization of their dream home built. They involved us from the beginning and we feel that Doug really listened to what our goals and concerns were. Their approach to architecture and building is unique and extremely refreshing.

Mark Eldridge

Our experience working with Doug on our remodel was extraordinary. The creativity and detail truly shows in the end results. Doug made our vision a reality. We have recommended HOUSE to everyone we know.

Jessica Kohasic

Though their experience, creativity, organization and passion, Doug and the guys at HOUSE have made a very complicated project manageable and just plain fun. Their concepts were original and the came up with some very unique solutions to problems we though would be difficult to overcome. Very happy we contacted HOUSE.

Jarred Mastus

We have worked with Doug on a number of project and he never lets us down. He is always there to listen and understand the necessity of our goals. If you are looking for an architect that is proactive, provides clear options, is knowledgable of all code compliance issues, and can deliver on difficult tasks, Douglas is the one you need to work with.

Mary Laughlin

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